Artificial Ignorance

The Cryptocurrency for the Technologically Challenged

Once upon a time, in a world filled with robots, artificial intelligence and self-driving cars, there lived a group of people who had a peculiar talent. They were the masters of ignorance. They knew nothing about technology, completely inept, and they were proud of it. They were immune to the constant barrage of new innovations, and they felt no need to learn about any of it.

But then, one day, the world of cryptocurrency exploded, and these proud ignoramuses were suddenly thrust into a world they didn't understand. They were lost and confused, and they felt like the technological progress had left them behind.

Until Artificial Ignorance, a meme token that was created just for them. A way for them to embrace their ignorance, and to make fun of themselves and the technological world that had left them behind. With Artificial Ignorance, they could finally have a place where they belonged, a community of like-minded individuals who shared their passion for technophobia and their inability to keep up with the latest advancements in technology.

The community rallied around Artificial Ignorance, and it quickly gained a following of people who found solace in the absurdity of it all. They laughed at themselves and each other, and they finally felt free from the stress and anxiety that came with trying to keep up with the rapidly changing world.

In the end, they discovered that ignorance was a strength, not a weakness. They had found a community that accepted them for who they were, and they had finally discovered the joys of technological progress. And so they lived forever more, embracing their ignorance and enjoying the journey, even if they never actually learned anything.

LONG "ADDRESS" THINGY : 0x6e9513330fe54AD5a793908dFE5676596394534a
STAYING IGNANT : 0x90f54b8dc2a84092dEA959d0308C8040A05Ac4E9