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Stake AIG to earn IGNANT

Staking AIG returns a variable APY with a minimum of ~10.01% APY, paid in IGNANT tokens.

Burning IGNANT relative to staked AIG balance increases staking to max ~100.1% APY

In the first 100 days, maximum APY decreases from ~10,018% on day 1, until day 100 at 100.1%

Within only the first 100 days, users who have burnt for max APY should claim interest daily, as when each day ticks over, claimable interest will adjust accordingly.

IGNANT inflation slows overtime and can even become deflationary depending on AIG staked supply and IGNANT burn rate.

Claiming IGNANT, burning IGNANT or adding to your staked AIG resets the 3 day lock period of your stake.

AIG Staking

Max APY @ N/A

AIG Supply : 101,010,101,010,101

AIG Staked : N/A

IGNANT Supply : N/A

Your current APY @ N/A
Lock period: N/A

Connected Wallet: N/A
AIG Balance: 0 AIG
AIG Staked: 0 AIG

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IGNANT Burning

Burn IGNANT to increase your own staking APY! Burn 1:1 of IGNANT tokens to your AIG staked balance for max staking bonus.

IGNANT Balance: 0
IGNANT Burnt: 0
AIG ADDRESS : 0x6e9513330fe54AD5a793908dFE5676596394534a
IGNANT ADDRESS : 0x90f54b8dc2a84092dEA959d0308C8040A05Ac4E9